Antarctic Diving

Ice, snow, glaciers, icebergs, amazing marine life. Diving in Antarctic waters was great. Invertebrates included 37 arm seastars, giant isopods more than 25 cm long and colorful shrimps. Fish were not very common, but the best thing for me was swimming around icebergs and several extended encounters with leopard seals underwater.

It was interesting swimming around with so much ice floating around. I remember ascending from a series of breathhold dives while photographing a leopard seal, and each time having to look up up to make sure I didn't run into a big bit of ice.

The water was around 0 C on most dives, but dry gloves, a thick Weezle undersuit and a custom made 12 mm thick hood from Otter Bay made diving in the freezing water quite comfortable. The only bad thing about this trip was that it was too short.

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Gentoo Penguin

Crabeater Seal


37 Arm Seastar

Giant Isopod 25 cm long

Leopard Seal

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